All maps Jewel of Bless
All maps Jewel of Soul
All maps Jewel of Life
All maps Jewel of Chaos
All maps Jewel of Creation
All maps Cherry Blossom Play-Box
All maps Silver Medal
All maps Gold Medal
All maps Box of Heaven
All maps Sword Archangel
All maps Scepter Archangel
All maps Crossbow Archangel
All maps Staff Archangel
All maps Stick Archangel
All maps Heart of Love
All maps Golden Cherry Blossom Branch
All maps Lucky Coin
All maps Suspicious Scrap of Paper(Create GAION ORDER)
All maps Sign of Dimensions
All maps Spirit of Dark Horse
All maps Spirit of Dark Spirit
All maps Sign of the Lord
Lorencia Scroll of Archangel +1
Lorencia Blood Bone +1
Lorencia Devil's Eye +1
Lorencia Devil's Key +1
Dungeon Scroll of Archangel +2
Dungeon Blood Bone +2
Dungeon Devil's Eye +2
Dungeon Devil's Key +2
Devias Scroll of Archangel +3
Devias Blood Bone +3
Devias Old Scroll +1
Devias Illusion Sorcerer Covenant +1
Devias Devil's Eye +3
Devias Devil's Key +3
Devias Symbol of Kundun +1
Noria Scroll of Archangel +4
Noria Blood Bone +4
Noria Old Scroll +2
Noria Illusion Sorcerer Covenant +2
Noria Devil's Eye +4
Noria Symbol of Kundun +2
Lost Tower Scroll of Archangel +5
Lost Tower Blood Bone +5
Lost Tower Old Scroll +3
Lost Tower Devil's Eye +5
Lost Tower Illusion Sorcerer Covenant +3
Lost Tower Devil's Key +5
Lost Tower Symbol of Kundun +3
Atlans Scroll of Archangel +6
Atlans Blood Bone +6
Atlans Illusion Sorcerer Covenant +4
Atlans Devil's Eye +6
Atlans Old Scroll +4
Atlans Symbol of Kundun +4
Tarkan Scroll of Archangel +7
Tarkan Blood Bone +7
Tarkan Old Scroll +5
Tarkan Illusion Sorcerer Covenant +5
Tarkan Devil's Key +7
Tarkan Symbol of Kundun +5
Icarus Scroll of Archangel +8
Icarus Blood Bone +8
Icarus Old Scroll +6
Icarus Illusion Sorcerer Covenant +6
Icarus Symbol of Kundun +6
Icarus Loch's Feather
Icarus Monarch's Crest
Swamp of Calmness Fragment of Resurreccion
La Cleon Jewel of Guardian
La Cleon Sphere (Mono)
La Cleon Sphere (Di)
La Cleon Sphere (Tri)
La Cleon Condor Flame
Barracks Condor Flame
Kanturu 1 Symbol of Kundun +7
Kanturu 2-3 Gemstone
Kanturu Relics Moonstone Pendant